I believe we can make a difference! I believe we can regenerate our planet and save humanity if we all do our bit. The way I make a difference is by sharing knowledge and skills to help you do your bit.

Florence Micoud

Holding a Master Degree in Economics (MAEcon) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Sciences  (PGDipInfSc), I have 20+ years of professional experience in environmental / sustainable / ecological knowledge and practice.

Having obtained the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice (with A+) in 2013, I am trained to use the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, with The Natural Step tools.

I can help your organisation, business, community or household on the path towards sustainability so that we make our impacts restorative as well as improve our well-being and feel good about ourselves.

Positive no-nonsense solution-focused advice!

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Florence Micoud
Mob: 021 027 92481

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